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An autumn day trip down the Talimena Trail


  • Round-trip coach from Sapulpa and Tulsa
  • Visit to Sequoyah's Cabin
  • Tour along the Talemina Trail
  • Visit to the Choctaw Nation Museum
  • Lunch included

$118.00 per person

To register, go to the Web Store, or call 918-494-0649

The cabin is a typical one-room frontier home of hewn logs with stone chimney and fireplace. It is enclosed in a stone shelter, which features relics and documents associated with Sequoyah's life. Near the shelter stands a relocated log structure, dating from 1855, that once adjoined the cabin.


The Choctaw Capitol Building is a historic structure built in 1884 that housed the government of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma from 1884–1907. The building is located in Pushmataha County, two miles north of Tuskahoma. The site also includes the Choctaw Nation Council House and the Old Town Cemetery of Tuskahoma.   After several decades of constitutional experimentation, during which the Choctaw Indians moved their national capital among several locations, the National Council in 1883 authorized construction of a permanent seat of government at Tushka Homma. The name means “home of the red warrior” in the Choctaw language, and its spelling has since been standardized as Tuskahoma