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Quotes Just wanted to let you know we all loved Grand Cayman. The hotel was awesome. When checking in I asked about the full balcony suites availability and price to consider upgrading. They had one available and upgraded us for free! Our room was on top of the beach! We all swam with the stingrays, went to Rum Point and rode the banana boat behind a ski boat! Chad and his gf rode horses and the horses actually go deep into the ocean swimming with them on horseback. They loved that. We ate all over the island. Food was expensive everywhere but all was delicious! Thank you for recommending GC! Quotes
Bobbie Gwinn
Satisfied traveler

Quotes Over the past couple of years, my family has had several trips booked by The Travel Group. Whether the trip was International or within the States, everything has been perfect! Great flight times and pricing, great hotel accommodations--we've been extremely happy with our trips. We feel very comfortable and confident that Sharon and her team will make our future travel experiences wonderful! Quotes
Deanna Villalon

Quotes Dear Travel Group, Just wanted to thank you for the outstanding service you have provided for our baseball team's out-of-state travel these past few years. The Travel Group has arranged airline travel, van rentals, bus trips and hotel accommodations - all of which have always been perfect! Thank you for making my job as travel coordinator so simple (all I had to do was handle team meals between games!). I look forward to working with you again in the future! Quotes
Travel Coordinator

Quotes Dear Travel Group, I am a seasoned Executive Assistant who has supported globe-trotting C-Level Executives for many years. Over the past 10 years I have noticed the trend to move travel to an outside travel desk. However, due to the volume of travel of my executives, I was exempt from having to use an outside travel service. I have just switched jobs and am with a company that uses your services. The first time I had to book through Antonette, our designated representative, I was squeezing my eyes shut tight and braced for a disaster - and it never came! Antonette has been the most accomplished travel professional I have ever worked with. She gets it right the first time, every time and when things beyond her control threaten to go wrong, this woman makes it right! She's amazing, dedicated, intelligent, responsive and responsible. Antonette has single handedly changed my view on travel desks! The level of service I receive for my 6 traveling execs is unsurpassed! Quotes
Executive Assistant