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Business Services - The off-premises "Travel Department"

The Travel Group provides expert, personal travel arrangements for businesses with any number of salemen or executives with demanding schedules and precise needs.  Our personnel have more than 150 years combined experience with air reservations and hotel, rental car and other business arrangements, and handle travel for major companies on both coasts and in between.  Our business hours are calibrated to provide maximum availability to your business in whatever time zone, and we maintain an emergency after-hours number for immediate, professional assistance 24/7 and 365.  Travel agents on average save companies from 12 to 15% on travel dollars spent.  If your firm has one or more employees devoted to booking travel for your sales or executive staff, you may be wasting resources and failing to secure savings an experienced agent can obtain for you.  Our staff assure that all travelers with your company, whether employees or contractors, strictly adhere to company policies for travel, that company resources are not squandered to obtain frequent flyer points, and that air, hotel and rental car arrangements all comply with company standards.

No service fees for first 60 days on all new corporate accounts through January 31, 2017!

Lowest Cost Airline Tickets is assured by the Travel Group's guaranteed best airfare available at the time of booking, in addition to our extensive selection of ticket brokers and consolidators providng air arrangements on major carriers at below published fares.  Additionally, the travel group's agents will commonly recommend changes in times or dates of travel, or both, changes in carrier, arrival airport and even routing in order to effect a lower fare or capture a discount in the market.  Tickets issued by the Travel Group can be "voided" up to 24 hours after issuance at no cost to the traveler--an additional advantage not available to the firm using an online booking service.  And the Travel Group's expert service with exhanges or refunds of unused tickets is unmatched.

Negotiated Hotel Rates for commercial travelers are available with the Travel Group's relationships with hotel chains and associations, and the Travel Group can negotiate special reduced rate rooms for any commercial account with regular use of a property, or multiple rooms for any period.  All such negotiated contracts are reviewed by an attorney prior to recommendation to any commercial client.  The Travel Group works directly with the travelers and hotels for bookings, special requirements, any adjustments in such arrangements necessitated by schedule changes, and for cancellations where required, all with a view toward limiting the commercial client's cost and exposure for "no-shows" and cancelled rooms.  This service alone can save a commercial account thousands of dollars a year in hotel charges.  The Travel Group makes no charge for this service, or for regular hotel bookings or bookings at such negotiated rates. 

Conference Services are available at no additional cost, including conference air for reduced rate arrangements, where available, for attendees flying to a conference location from different points of origin.  We negotiate conference rates with any selected hotel property in the conference city, and are available to make all necessary arrangements for attendees during their stay.  

The Commercial department of the Travel Group is managed by Antonette Pierce.  For more information message us any time from the contact at right or call: 

Antonette Pierce

Commercial Manager


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